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Budget Dental Implant Systems – all in for £1750

implant_3DHere at Antwerp Implant Dentistry, we are fully aware that our bespoke and recommended implant systems are cost prohibitive for some clients. We are also aware that there are many limited experience practitioners offering bargain basement prices for dental implants. For patients wishing to access the expertise of our team but are on a limited budget, we have adopted a quality but budget implant system and laboratory which provides cost effective outcomes. We can provide an examination, X rays and a single implant in uncomplicated cases not needing bone grafting for an all inclusive price of £1750 with a single tooth fully restored.

We also offer use of our quality budget system for small bridges (from £3500) , and stabilising dentures (from £1500).

For more information on this system, one of our Treatment Coordinators would be delighted to arrange a free, no obligation consultation to showcase our practice, facilities, and some cases to help you in your decision making. Please do fill out the following form and a Treatment Coordinator will be in touch.

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