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Low Dose X Rays

X-raysSome of our patients worry about the number of X rays that are taken in a dental practice. You need not worry ! X rays are taken to identify potential problems such as decay, gum disease, and other  oral infections. We use these X rays to plan any necessary treatment. There is a very small risk associated with every exposure to radiation however technological advances mean that the actual risk of harm is very small indeed !

We actually receive radiation from many natural sources (known as “background radiation”) all year around. These sources are cosmic rays, soil and rocks amongst many other things.

To help you understand the level of risk involved we have compared the amount of radiation you will receive between dental and medical X rays compared with background radiation, we have estimated the extra over radiation in days to your normal standard background radiation per year :

                                                                                          Bite-wings                                              One day (approx)

                                                                                          Panaoramic Dental X Ray             Three days (approx)

                                                                                          Chest X ray                                            One week (approx)

Another comparison would be travelling by air. A flight to Spain would expose you to the same additional dose of radiation as a pair of bite-wing X rays.

So please do not be alarmed when we do not recommend a lead apron to protect you from Dental X rays. Not only is this not necessary,  we are also concerned that use of a lead apron may actually concentrate X rays with the body and prevent X ray photons from escaping through.

What If I am pregnant ?

Evidence shows that use of X rays during pregnancy does not create increased risk of birth related problems. It is however our standard practice to not offer any X rays during pregnancy unless this is considered to be essential. We are particularly careful during the first 12 weeks of your baby’s development when their organs are developing.

If you have any queries or concerns, please feel free to discuss this with your dentist.

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