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NHS Dental Care


NHS Dental Care is still widely available within Antwerp Dental Group. NHS Dental Care provides reasonable essential dental care. Cosmetic Dental Options are not available within the NHS.

Antwerp Dentistry Clinicians are trained to use many advanced treatment techniques  and materials (ATTM) which are provided outside of the NHS.  We believe that  ATTM materials & techniques  may provide improved outcomes however there is not always adequate scientific research to validate this. Use of ATTM materials and techniques typically require greater time allocation, added skills, and may provide additional benefits. They are generally unlikely to be provided within the NHS General Dental Services in England and Wales.

Your dentist will advise if he/she feels you would benefit from an ATTM procedure, and this will be charged for privately.

All clinically necessary essential materials  are available for use with NHS options.

Our practices have different wait times for NHS Dental Care. Here is the status quo  as of May 2016:

Newmarket Road Dentistry, Cambridge – Currently taking on children and adults. 8 weeks wait.

Falkner House Dentistry, Sawston – Currently taking on children and adults. 4 weeks wait.

Clock House Dentistry, Linton – Currently taking on children and adults. 1 week wait.

Antwerp House Dentistry, Cambridge – Currently taking on  children and spouses of existing NHS patients. 8 weeks wait.

Apple Tree Dentistry, Comberton – Currently taking on children and spouses of existing NHS registered patients. 20 weeks wait.

Henderson House Dentistry, Haverhill – Currently taking on children and adults. 6 weeks wait.

Market Hill Dentistry, Royston – This practice accepts New Patients ONLY under private care arrangements.

NHS Dental care provides  non-cosmetic dental care to secure care that is clinically necessary.  For New Patients who require  urgent care, this is usually available on the day under private care arrangements, after which patients are free to wait for NHS appointment availability. For an informal discussion with a Practice Manager or Treatment Coordinator, please fill out the following form :

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